Sexual Exposure

Sexual Exposure

Sexual Exposure and Sexually Transmitted Disease.

There is a phrase that stops me in my tracks.  As the nurse here at Alternatives Clinic I am always happy to show you the sexual exposure chart on the wall.  It is my “favorite” poster in the whole place.  When I tell people that, they look at me with a strange expression.  This poster is not particularly attractive, but it is very informative.  It is a readably visible picture in front you that allows you to be able to secretly count how many people you may have allowed yourself to be exposed to sexually.  The numbers quickly becoming staggering, as I point out to 15, 16, 17 year olds that say, “Well, I have only had sex with one or two guys.”   As we go on to discuss the likely events of their future.  Whether it is simply finishing school, going to college, or getting your own place, we will work together to figure out that you are probably not with the only sexual partner that you will ever have.   One or two “boyfriends” a year doesn’t sound like that many, until you stop and think about at what age you will find “the one” and decide to make it permanent.  Say you get married at 20 or 21, and you became sexually active at 16.  Let’s do the math.

2 (partners per year) x 4 years = 8 partners total.

Hmm.  Not great, but oh well.  That is over 4 years, right?  BUT, the math doesn’t stop there and neither does your exposure.  You are forgetting about the other side of the equation, your partner and his previous experience.    The rest of that equation has to factor in everyone that your partner has had sex with, because after all, those partners create an increased exposure for you.   You have been exposed to all of the people that your partners have been exposed to, as well as your partner’s partners, and so on.   If your partner has had the same number of partners as you have, the math quickly adds up.  And your total becomes…

255 people...WHAT?      255 people…WHAT?   255 People!!!

So, I am not that good at math, but you can check this poster: Image result for sexual exposure chart Think about your sexual exposure and what that means for you.

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