Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion

If you’re overwhelmed about an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering an abortion. Before you make any decisions, get as much information as possible so that you can make an informed choice. You are not alone. We are here to help you get answers and find hope. We take time to talk with you about your abortion options.

The Morning After Pill

This medication is sometimes called “emergency contraception” and is intended to be taken orally as soon as possible within the first 72 hours after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It contains a high dose of progesterone (levonogestrel) which is found in many kinds of birth control pills. It is often referred to as Plan B One Step. This pill works by preventing ovulation so conception can’t occur; or by affecting the lining of your fallopian tubes so fertilization can’t take place; or by irritating the lining of uterus, making it harder for a fertilized egg (embryo) to implant in your uterus.

The Abortion Pill

These pills are used up to 9 weeks gestation. At the first doctor’s visit you will take 3 pills (known as Mifeprex) which causes death of the developing embryo. Two days later you return to the doctor’s office to take another drug (Cytotec). This causes your uterus to contract and expel the embryo. On day 14, an evaluation is made by the doctor to confirm the abortion is complete.

There are side effects that you may experience after taking the morning after pill and the abortion pill. The cramping and abdominal pain that may result can mask the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, which is a potentially life threatening condition, requiring emergency care.

*Abortions past 22 weeks LMP are illegal in Missouri.

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