Warning Signs – Unhealthy Relationships

Warning Signs – Unhealthy Relationships

Sometimes it can be difficult to have straight thinking when involved in a relationship. A girl may feel she really loves her boyfriend even when things are not going so well. It’s easy to see the positive things and ignore the negative. It’s important to remember that a guy who really cares about his girl will treat her with kindness, patience, and respect. This applies to guys, too, so it goes both ways. Here are some helpful warning signs that indicate an unhealthy relationship: -Does your mom, dad, and closest friends like your boyfriend/girlfriend? Trust what the people who know you best think. When you’re “in love” you’re not a very good judge. -How does he treat his mom? How does she treat her dad? Count on being treated the way he treats his mom and she treats her dad, good or bad. -Does he/she have anger issues? This is a serious red flag. Unresolved anger can be dangerous, leading to abuse and emotional and mental trauma. They may say they are sorry over and over, but this is typical behavior of abusers and you need to get out of the relationship…like yesterday. -He/she uses alcohol or drugs a lot A person who is dependent on alcohol or drugs can really be a safety risk to themselves and you… not only physically but emotionally and spiritually, too. Addiction often replaces motivation to work and be productive.  Who wants that??  -When there is conflict, in his/her eyes you are always wrong and he/she is always right. You know no one can be 100% right or wrong. If he/she can’t admit that…get out!! -He or she lies to you, cheats on you, makes fun of you, and seems to think you are dumb or incompetent Just one of these is reason enough to leave. Ask yourself this: if your sister or brother or best friend had a boyfriend or girlfriend doing any of these things, would you encourage her or him to stay in a relationship like that? It’s really something to think about!!    

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